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Ambassador Mortgage Securitization Analyst Training Certification Class

This is an Advanced Class For Analysts Seeking to Obtain Expert Witness Credentials with a cumulative (40) Hours of Live Instruction.

The Ambassador Mortgage Securitization Analyst Training Certification Class; Sponsored by Certified Forensic Loan Auditors "CFLA" is a comprehensive training certification program entitled: "AMBASSADOR Mortgage Securitization Analyst "AMSA"; a cumulative 40‐hour online intensive training seminar. This is a professional development 'how-to' training, and does not imply any State or Federal Government affiliation or Government Certification. Nationally Recognized by Courts, Judges, Banks, and Lawyers in 50 States. Instruction is not State Specific. You do not have to be an Attorney to attend this class.


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CFLA is the recognized leader throughout the U.S. as experts in Mortgage Securitization and Training. As founders and creators of this industry, we have long set the bar for expectations of a Auditing Company. Our experienced staff of Certified Auditors, Licensed Attorneys, Officers, and Employees are committed to continue to grow this entire industry and uncover hidden trade secrets to expose Banking Institutions of Predatory Lending, Mortgage Fraud and Securitzaiton Fraud.


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Interesting NY Decision on Acceleration: U.S. Bank N.A. v. Gordon, 176 A.D.3d 1006 (2d Dept. 2019)
livinglies.me | November 26, 2019
So it seems that in New York a notice of intention to accelerate or any notice that says that the supposed “lender” will accelerate is not the same as an actual acceleration. Actually that makes sense because any other interpretation would defy the intent of the notice of default. the notice of default is for the purpose of giving the borrower notice that unless they bring their payments up to date, the entire loan will become due.
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Retainer Agreements Cast Doubt on Whether Law Firms Are Advocates or Are One of the Real Parties in Interest
livinglies.me | November 25, 2019
What changes do you think are necessary in the Federal Truth in Lending Act, FDCPA, RESPA and SEC regulations?
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Foreclosure Defense: To BKR or not to BKR, here are the issues in Bankruptcy
livinglies.me | November 22, 2019
The bottom line is that Chapter 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcy can be effective tolls in defending against unlawful foreclosures, but hey are not magic bullets. Like all legal procedures attempting to navigate them without a licensed legal professional who is a known quantity in Bankruptcy Court, is at the very least hazardous.
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SCAM: US Bank as Successor to Bank of America as Successor to LaSalle Bank as Trustee On Behalf of Holders of Certificates - It’s a Lie
livinglies.me | November 11, 2019
As soon as you start believing the words and labels the banks are using you are doomed to making admissions against interest that will reinforce the court bias in favor of the bank. The truth is that the entire thing is a lie. And it’s not even an effort to get the debt repaid; it’s an effort to get revenue. Nobody should lose their home simply because somebody has an expectation of profit. Foreclosure laws are strictly limited to collection of unpaid debt, not commercial ventures to make a profit.
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Reversing the Paradigm: How Borrowers Might Make Money From Mortgages and Even Foreclosures
livinglies.me | November 11, 2019
Take a step back and then look at this situation from a wider perspective. Understand that the real deal was the issuance of multiple levels of securities made possible by investors putting up money and borrowers signing their name. The investors did not understand they were creating an improper “yield spread premium” between what they were investing and the actual lower amount of what was loaned.
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California Laws
livinglies.me | November 11, 2019
A list of articles pertaining to California foreclosure laws.
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They are back! “Non-qualified loans” replace the label of subprime - Why would anyone want to increase their risk?
livinglies.me | November 11, 2019
Before the era of securitization, the only reason for making riskier loans was that the lender could charge a premium for borrowing — a premium that would cover the higher cost associated with defaulting loans.
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CFLA Moves to Dismiss CFPB Complaint & Attack the Constitutionality of the CFPB & its Director
cfla.com | November 4, 2019
For immediate release: CFLA filed a Motion to Dismiss Under Federal Rules of Civil procedure Rule 12(B)(6) for "failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted," [SEE CFLA Mx TO DISMISS), along with a Motion to Stay the Proceedings until Resolution of the United States Supreme Court case on Writ of Certiorari on the issues already somewhat resolved regarding the Unconstitutional Structure of the CFPB, and what remedies the Court will grant since the CFPB has been found to be Unconstitutional. [SEE CFLA Mx TO STAY] The Supreme Court is set to decide whether the Dodd Frank Act will be stricken in its entirety, whether the portion of the Dodd Frank Act that vests powers in the CFPB will be stricken, or whether the USSC will merely sever the unconstitutional provisions in the Act that delegate far too much power in the hands of the CFPB and leave the Agency to continue to do its GREAT POWERFUL WORK TO RUN OFF TH SMALL COMPANIES HELPING CONSUMERS AND MAKE SURE THE BIG BANKS CAN HIDE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE FROM YOU!!. Filed therewith, Motion to Strike under Federal Rules of Evidence 12(c) pleadings by the CFPB that are improperly plead. [SEE FULL TEXT OF MOTION TO STRIKE HERE]
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"CFLA to Intervene in U.S. Supreme Court Case that Seeks to Extinguish the CFPB in its Entirety"
cfla.com | October 28, 2019
Defendants' CFLA and ANDREW LEHMAN, hereby move the court Under Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 24 for a Motion to Intervene as a Matter of Right Because The Issues in The Instant Matter Are So Detrimental to the Rights of These Intervenors That A Resolution in This Case Would Affect The Rights of The Intervenors. Intervenors Would like to file herewith this Motion to Intervene into the Central District of California Case [CFPB v. Soliel Law LLC, USSC Appeal Docket No. 17-56324) , and file concurrently herewith CFLA's U.S. Supreme Court Opening Brief as against the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, in the matter of [CFPB v. Soliel Law LLC, USSC Appeal Docket No. 17-56324) in the United States Supreme Court on the controlling issue of Whether the Plaintiff, Bureau of Financial Protection (i.e. CFPB) is an Unconstitutional Agency that lacks teh Enforcement Power to bring an Action as against CFLA or ANDREW LEHMAN.
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CFLA Explains Quiet Title Package

CFLA performs tailor-made litigation support for every jurisdiction.
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In 2007, CFLA was founded by the Nation’s Leading Foreclosure Defense Attorneys to serve the Foreclosure Defense Industry and fight pervasive Bank Fraud and Institutional Fraud. CFLA united some of the best minds in the legal and technological fields to make this vision a reality. The result is CFLA—the foremost, nationally recognized legal brand for law firms, attorneys, and small business across the United States. Since opening our virtual doors, CFLA has rapidly expanded to become the premier online legal destination for small businesses and consumers. As the company continues to grow, we continue to hold true to our original vision. For us, putting the law within reach of millions of people is more than just a novel idea—it's our founding principle.

Call us today to obtain samples of work product, including Bloomberg Securitization Audits, Litigation Support, Quiet Title Packages, and to get more information about our Nationally Accredited and Industry Acclaimed Forensic Loan Analyst Training Certification Classes (3 days). The Nation’s Only Certification Training Class for Analyts in this industry!


CFLA Explains Securitization Analysis


Quiet Title & Bloomberg Property Securitization Analysis Testimonials

"To begin, I bought your securitization audit after I had lost in state court in a foreclosure - 10/27/14. Thinking there was no hope I found Certified Forensic and decided to try a securitization audit in order to have evidence of fraud in a filing with the Federal Court in New Jersey. I ended up in discovery in Federal Court. As you may remember part of discovery was a deposition taken by Chase of Michael Carrigan.

I filed before Final Judgment in Federal Court on 04/10/15 with a securitization audit from Certified as evidence of fraud.To my surprise after a ruling for Chase in a summary judgement on 10/27/2014 - and going on four years later - on February 1, 2018.

Chase unilaterally dismissed my state foreclosure case without any notice or discussions. I used most of the legal package from Certified. I did have people with some experience I could discuss the case with, and I had an expert witness which is also very helpful. William Paatalo is one of my expert witnesses. Bill knows the game well and he has testified around the country against the banks.

It could only have happened because of the discovery in Federal Court which provided me with more evidence of fraud. This evidence could only have been gotten from discovery. And therefore the securitization audit was critical to my success in getting into discovery in Federal Court.

Although I must caution there were others with the securitization audits that were not so successful so a securitization audit does not guarantee anything but in my opinion it puts you in the race. You need good legal advice and lots of reading and research with a lot of luck. I do think the odds are improving today as people are educating themselves.

There are success stories. It's a long road home but the odds are getting better in my opinion. This may qualify me as a qualified success story for your firm since the state court dismissal could only have happened if I had not filed in Federal Court which brought me to discovery. Discovery gave me the evidence of fraud that I turned around and used in a Motion to Dismiss for Certification fraud in state court. The battle rages on. And there are more defeats than wins but there is hope. Many people have no idea that even after all these years there are options open to them. Chase tried to claim statue of limitation but there is no statue of limitation if you find fraud."
James Farah

"This is a testimonial to Jim and the CFLA team. CFLA and the audit once again proved to be worth far more than it's weight in gold. I was able to negotiate a (an impossible) short sale with SPS and settle with three subordinate lenders (only one of which was TARP). The deal recently closed and I remain undefeated. Much appreciation and thanks to to Jim Salvagio, Melanie Paree and the CFLA team. Further thanks for awesome support, customer service and always going above and beyond the call of duty!"
Jeff Burch

"My wife and I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you've done submitting the loan modification to ocwen on our behalf, we have been wrestling with them for so long and we were getting nowhere and in fear of losing our home. After you suggested I called them to find out what the status of our loan modification was, they told us over the phone that we were eligible for a Sam (Shared Appreciation Modification) they reduced our principle from $736,579.75 to $513,950.00 our interest rate went from 4.25% to 2.00% our monthly mortgage payment went from $3467.83 interest only to $2354.82 principle interest taxes and insurance included, our interest only loan was changed to a 22-year conventional fixed rate loan at 2.00%.

This is good news, we could not be more grateful for the work you put into the modification. In addition; the difference between the original principle including penalties and interest and the new principal balance of $513,950 was $476,732.99 which they agreed to waive off 1/3 of that amount each year for three years as long as I remain current on my payments, at the end of that time the debt would not exist. They also told me that notification had gone out to their attorneys to stop the foreclosure proceedings, which was pending a sale date as you know.

My wife and l are still in shock we wanted to see everything in writing and they told me over the phone tracking indicated that the package had been delivered to my address and it was already in the mailbox. I'm sending you copies of everything for you to look over. This was a great deal you got us, Steven, there's more I can't put in writing. Well done. This is a big step for us to be able to stay in our home."
Anthony and Karen Boone

"I just wanted to thank you for the great job on the affidavit that you wrote with our Bloomberg Audit. We had a sale date today 10-22-13 and yesterday our attorney presented a complaint with the affidavit referenced to the judge to do an injunction and he read it for only a few minutes and stopped the sale. We are proceeding to a hearing at a future date. We are in Wyoming and I don't believe they have ever seen anything like this against the banks. We have friends who now want a securitization audit and I am going to talk them into a Bloomberg audit. Thank you again."
Susan Cacho

"Hello, you did a securitization audit for me in 2014. Guess what? Chase agreed to settle for 11k, which was only PART of the property tax owed. The bankruptcy court approved the settlement agreement so It is a done deal. Once I submitted your audit, in my amended objection to their proof of claim, they started talking about a settlement. Anyway, I am interested in taking your three day course at a future date. Thanks again."
David Schaar

"Thank you for the support over the years. We just beat the bank in court to save house and prevent eviction. Their case was denied."
Jeff Castillo

"Super Certified Forensic Loan Auditor Super Heroes: Check out the Mortgage Loan Agreement Lien Release which we received this morning from the Bristol County Registry of Deeds, Taunton, MA, all because of your great cutting edge technology forensic work. Check out these documents including the Taunton Deeds PDF "

A very Appreciative & LOYAL CUSTOMER.
Ron Adams

"To simply assert mortgage fraud is one thing. But to provide the evidence that will stand up in court is another. CFLA has done an excellent job providing home owners and legal professionals the necessary & essential tools to prove a case on behalf of home owners. I have observed the growth and development of CFLA over the last several years. I am grateful for the dedication and commitment to excellence demonstrated by Andrew Lehman, the founder and chairman of CFLA and his network of legal professionals. Whether you are challenged with debt or wanting to help those who are, CFLA provides the clear and simple learning that empowers you with a new perspective & alternative remedies."
Greg Johnson


60 Minutes Report: Mortgage Securitization Audit Stops Foreclosure


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"Chase agreed to settle for only PART of the property tax owed. The bankruptcy court approved the settlement agreement so It is a done deal. Once I submitted your audit, in my amended objection to their proof of claim, they started talking about a settlement. Anyway, I am interested in taking your three day course at a future date. Thanks again."
David Schaar

CFLA offers attorneys full foreclosure audits and strategies. Our expertise are Bloomberg Securitization Audits as well as complete turn-key Quiet Title Litigation solutions for licensed attorneys to competently sue lenders for state & federal Violations to either stop foreclosure, obtain legal damages, or both.

CFLA.com and Attorney State Bar Approved Continuing Education Training Classes (CLEs) are taught by trained CFLA industry experts. Our CLEs have been approved by the State Bars of TX, CA, FL, NV, NY, GA, and Hawaii. Bankruptcy Practice, Foreclosure Defense Strategies, Principal Reductions through Strategic Litigation, Mortgage Securitization in Litigation, and the Homeowners Bill of Rights are among the subjects presented during our CLE classes. CFLA keynote speakers include: Patricia Rodriguez, Esq; John Fretz, Esq; Andrew P. Lehman, J.D.; Divina Westerfield, Esq.; Regis Sauger, Charles Christmas, Esq; Timothy O’Reilly, Esq.; Amar Gupta, Esq.; and others.

Certified Forensic Loan Auditors also has created a Nationally Recognized Analyst Training Certification Course. Mortgage securitization and forensic loan auditing are presented during our professional 24-hr how-to class. There have been nearly 1,000 executive level professionals who have graduated from this program since 2009 in each of the following States: CA, NV, IL, NY, NJ, WA, DC, MD, GA, and FL.

Foreclosure Defense or Contract Dispute Litigation attorneys—contact us today to advertise your law firm via Sponsored Link Ads on our site.

Our Foreclosure Defense Litigation services include Mortgage Securitization Audits, Forensic Loan Audits, and Litigation Packages are among the full turn-key litigation support services provided to law firms and legal professionals.


Glaski Securitization Audits Can Prove Wrongful Foreclosure in California
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