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November 2019 Article Archive

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Interesting NY Decision on Acceleration: U.S. Bank N.A. v. Gordon, 176 A.D.3d 1006 (2d Dept. 2019)
livinglies.me | November 26, 2019
So it seems that in New York a notice of intention to accelerate or any notice that says that the supposed “lender” will accelerate is not the same as an actual acceleration. Actually that makes sense because any other interpretation would defy the intent of the notice of default. the notice of default is for the purpose of giving the borrower notice that unless they bring their payments up to date, the entire loan will become due.
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Retainer Agreements Cast Doubt on Whether Law Firms Are Advocates or Are One of the Real Parties in Interest
livinglies.me | November 25, 2019
What changes do you think are necessary in the Federal Truth in Lending Act, FDCPA, RESPA and SEC regulations?
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Foreclosure Defense: To BKR or not to BKR, here are the issues in Bankruptcy
livinglies.me | November 22, 2019
The bottom line is that Chapter 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcy can be effective tolls in defending against unlawful foreclosures, but hey are not magic bullets. Like all legal procedures attempting to navigate them without a licensed legal professional who is a known quantity in Bankruptcy Court, is at the very least hazardous.
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SCAM: US Bank as Successor to Bank of America as Successor to LaSalle Bank as Trustee On Behalf of Holders of Certificates - It’s a Lie
livinglies.me | November 11, 2019
As soon as you start believing the words and labels the banks are using you are doomed to making admissions against interest that will reinforce the court bias in favor of the bank. The truth is that the entire thing is a lie. And it’s not even an effort to get the debt repaid; it’s an effort to get revenue. Nobody should lose their home simply because somebody has an expectation of profit. Foreclosure laws are strictly limited to collection of unpaid debt, not commercial ventures to make a profit.
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Reversing the Paradigm: How Borrowers Might Make Money From Mortgages and Even Foreclosures
livinglies.me | November 11, 2019
Take a step back and then look at this situation from a wider perspective. Understand that the real deal was the issuance of multiple levels of securities made possible by investors putting up money and borrowers signing their name. The investors did not understand they were creating an improper “yield spread premium” between what they were investing and the actual lower amount of what was loaned.
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California Laws
livinglies.me | November 11, 2019
A list of articles pertaining to California foreclosure laws.
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They are back! “Non-qualified loans” replace the label of subprime - Why would anyone want to increase their risk?
livinglies.me | November 11, 2019
Before the era of securitization, the only reason for making riskier loans was that the lender could charge a premium for borrowing — a premium that would cover the higher cost associated with defaulting loans.
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How to Obtain the Restitution Awarded in Global Settlements for Fradulent Mortgage Backed Securities that Lead to the Financial Crises of 2007
cfla.com | November 7, 2019
Finding out if Your Mortgage Qualifies for Part of the Government Restitution Funds that have been set aside from Recovery of Global Settlements for Fraudulent Misrepresentations in the Issuance of Mortgage backed Securities by Glodman Sachs, Bear Sterns, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, RBS, and others. First Thing You Have to Do is...
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CFLA Former Senior Auditor Michael Carrigan in Wake of Harassment, Intimidation and Abusive Threats by CFPB and its Agents Stipulates to Join the CFPB and Quits on Americans by Signing Stipulated Settlement Agreement
cfla.com | November 7, 2019
The story of Michael Carrigan begins with a smart happy graduate of CFLA AMBASSADOR MORTGAGE SECURITIZATION ANALYST TRAINING back in 2013 in a class taught by CFLA’s Senior Auditor Art Bernardo, J.D., under the direct supervision of Andrew Lehman, J.D.. CARRIGAN started out working under Art Bernardo, J.D. and Attorney Tim O’Reiley, Esq., until CFLA and LEHMAN gave Carrigan an opportunity to work in a supervisory role in middle 2014, provided that Carrigan reached attainable goals set by LEHMAN for training, auditing, and quality control.
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CFLA Moves to Dismiss CFPB Complaint & Attack the Constitutionality of the CFPB & its Director
cfla.com | November 4, 2019
For immediate release: CFLA filed a Motion to Dismiss Under Federal Rules of Civil procedure Rule 12(B)(6) for "failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted," [SEE CFLA Mx TO DISMISS), along with a Motion to Stay the Proceedings until Resolution of the United States Supreme Court case on Writ of Certiorari on the issues already somewhat resolved regarding the Unconstitutional Structure of the CFPB, and what remedies the Court will grant since the CFPB has been found to be Unconstitutional. [SEE CFLA Mx TO STAY] The Supreme Court is set to decide whether the Dodd Frank Act will be stricken in its entirety, whether the portion of the Dodd Frank Act that vests powers in the CFPB will be stricken, or whether the USSC will merely sever the unconstitutional provisions in the Act that delegate far too much power in the hands of the CFPB and leave the Agency to continue to do its GREAT POWERFUL WORK TO RUN OFF TH SMALL COMPANIES HELPING CONSUMERS AND MAKE SURE THE BIG BANKS CAN HIDE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE FROM YOU!!. Filed therewith, Motion to Strike under Federal Rules of Evidence 12(c) pleadings by the CFPB that are improperly plead. [SEE FULL TEXT OF MOTION TO STRIKE HERE]
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