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Back to Full Steam Ahead
law360.com | May 20, 2020
New York will allow new lawsuits to be electronically filed statewide starting Monday, reopening the high-traffic courts of New York City and surrounding counties to new "nonessential" matters for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic shut them down.
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COVID-19 might be the catalyst for expert witness testimony in foreclosure cases
livinglies.me | May 13, 2020
The interesting thing is that the cost of producing an expert witness has just been cut by Coronavirus and COVID 19. Experts can testify via various video mediums that are now appearing in most courtrooms. So what had cost thousands of dollars in travel expense and time expense in travel has been eliminated. And in most cases the time expense for both preparation and appearance at deposition must be paid by the opposing side. Once they do that you might get the judge to accept the video deposition in lieu of live testimony. (No guarantees).
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Tonight! Government Complicity in Wall Street Corruption - How the FDIC Enabled the Chase - WAMU Con Job! + COVID Update 3PM PDT 6PM EDT
livinglies.me | May 7, 2020
Thursdays LIVE! Click in to the WEST COAST Neil Garfield Show with Charles Marshall and Bill Paatalo. Or call in at (347) 850-1260, 6pm Eastern Thursdays. This comes back to the fact that we all know we were screwed by the banks in the mortgage meltdown (1996-2008) and that they are still screwing us. Most of us just don't know how they are doing it or what we can do about it.
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The Great Realization: Securitization And Mortgage Backed Securities Are Pure Myth
livinglies.me | May 7, 2020
The Great Realization is that securitization is a myth. A very profitable myth. A myth that resulted in profits that were geometrically higher than any transaction with any homeowner, consumer or borrower. A myth that enabled Wall Street to collect everything from everyone without any accounting for the money.
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CFLA Documents to Support CFLA Story and Documentary taken from Court Docket
cfla.com | May 4, 2020
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