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March 2020 Article Archive

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Elizabeth Warren and Others Warn That Pandemic is Exposing Underbelly of Corrupt Financial System
lehmandata.com | March 31, 2020
Only people who have studied securitization understand the fact that securitization as practiced creates an existential threat to our society, our laws and the individual hopes and dreams of anyone who is not in on the game.
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Cutting Economic Waste – C.F.P.B $1 Billion Dollars since 2019
lehmandata.com | March 27, 2020
Thus far, according to the above referenced press releases from 2020 the C.F.P.B has already taken more than $331,000,000.99 from the Federal Reserve with no congressional oversight for their expenses in 2020 despite having executed or completed NO enforcement actions, no settlements and no gain at all for consumers or for the entire 2020 Year thus far for the C.F.P.B. ZILCH - NONE. Despite the SEC Collecting more than $1 Billion.
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RULES OF COURT: Judges Are Not Overlooking Anything
livinglies.me | March 27, 2020
Sure there are some judges that don't care what evidence is before them and make decisions based upon their own political bias. But nearly all judges are NOT doing that when it relates to foreclosure. They are just following the rules.
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What is Financial Injury or Economic Damage?
livinglies.me | March 26, 2020
Homeowners who win foreclosures are not getting a free house. They are settling for less than the amount due to them.
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The New Tidal Wave of Foreclosures
livinglies.me | March 24, 2020
Foreclosures should happen because someone was financially injured by nonpayment --- not because someone wants more profit.
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You signed the contract, didn’t you?
livinglies.me | March 16, 2020
Shame and ignorance prevents a homeowner and frequently their lawyer from responding intelligently to that question often posed by the Judge in foreclosure cases.
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Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Legally Exists as a Company, But Not as Trustee for Borrower Loans
livinglies.me | March 10, 2020
Several readers have sent me information regarding DBNTC and pointed out that I had misstated the status of DBNTC in past articles. I think they were at least partially right. Thanks to all the readers who sent in comments and information.
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Use of Depositions at Trial Might Shorten Process and Reduce Costs
livinglies.me | March 6, 2020
While it is not certain, the Californian Decision in Raul Berroteran II v. Ford Motor Company, might be the harbinger that could change litigation forever. It basically stands for the proposition that if you had a chance to cross examine the witness and didn't, you waived it and the deposition is admissible at trial.
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