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January 2020 Article Archive

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The Real Story Behind Wells Fargo Scandals
livinglies.me | January 30, 2020
The CEO of WFB has agreed to a ban from the banking industry for life. Think about that. Whatever your job how bad would have to be in order to lose the right form ever doing it again? Pretty bad.
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Considering an Appeal? Rules of Thumb for Appeals
livinglies.me | January 29, 2020
Most pro se litigants and perhaps even a majority of lawyers do not understand appellate procedure, since they regard it as an opportunity for a new judge or panel to consider the evidence and come to a conclusion different than the trial court. Such appeals always produce the same result — judgment affirmed.
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MegaBank Tax Scam Hits Europe With Startling Similarities to Securitization
livinglies.me | January 27, 2020
"Organized white-collar crime of unimaginable magnitude.”

"Suffice it to say, the goal was to fool the financial system so that two investors could claim refunds for dividend taxes that were paid just once."
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Did you get the loan? Did you Pay? Circular reasoning produces circular responses.
livinglies.me | January 22, 2020
It's not like anyone can make any claim. To get in court you must own the claim and the claim must be real. If there is a hole in a parking lot that the supermarket should have fixed, that doesn't mean YOU fell in it and got hurt. Maybe someone else did and they have a potential claim that they have not filed. Or maybe nobody got hurt and there is no claim.
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Why Ocwen Investors Are Losing Money: 77% loss over 5 years
livinglies.me | January 21, 2020
The reason is simple. Ocwen has no real business case for its existence except to act as the shill for investment banks on Wall Street. And those investment banks have a track record of throwing other companies under the bus when the inquiry over securitization and illegal foreclosure gets too hot.
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Bank of New York Mellon faces a reckoning from residential foreclosure cases in New York that date back to the subprime mortgage crisis.
livinglies.me | January 21, 2020
The sooner everyone realizes that these foreclosures are merely schemes to generate revenue the closer we will come to justice. The fact that is that anyone who has paid value for the debt is getting paid pursuant to a third party agreement that has very little relationship with the performance or non performance of the borrower. Investors either get paid even if the borrower is not performing or they don't get paid even if the borrower is performing.
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"CFLA Soon to Launch New Office & Product Line in 2020 as a Full & Final Defeat of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is all But Imminent"
cfla.com | January 17, 2020
Recent developments, including the State of California announcing the creation of its own CFPB, along with the CFPB itself imploding from within (Director announcing her own Agency is Unconstitutional and her own Position to be unlawful), and the CFPB being exposed for their shady, unethical, and unlawful practices, demonstrate that the United States Supreme Court is preparing itself, as is the United States Legislature, for a full and final departure of the CFPB an Agency of the Federal Government that has long been a colossal waste of money, and an entity with no accountability for its own actions.
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Loans Claimed to be Owned by Fannie Mae Have Probably Been Sold to Private Investors
livinglies.me | January 10, 2020
There is a shroud of mystery around the entire role of the FHA. Its purpose is to guarantee loans, which was expanded to buy loans. It was never a lender. But the process of buying loans was just as complicated as everything else where securitization of debt is claimed. In most cases it “bought” loans from parties who never owned the debt and therefore had nothing to sell.
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California governor to create state's own version of CFPB
bankingdive.com | January 10, 2020
California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to unveil plans for the state to create its own version of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday. 
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"Corridor Agreement" Opens More Questions on Role of BONY Mellon
livinglies.me | January 8, 2020
SO BONY mellon is known to be named as “trustee” over what is probably a nonexistent trust with nonexistent beneficiaries since investors do not qualify as beneficiaries of any trust. The authority of BONY Mellon to represent “certificate holders” is never described in any allegations or exhibits. It is only a label.
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PennyMac Laundromat: Is anything real there?
livinglies.me | January 7, 2020
PennyMac appears to be a vehicle of “cleaning” fatal title deficiencies to the debt, note and/or mortgage on loans. It operates on behalf of CitiMortgage and multiple other entities on loans where the selection of a claimant is essentially random.
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Navigating LOST COMMUNICATION With "Servicers" Who Are in Reality Merely Steering You Into Foreclosure
livinglies.me | January 7, 2020
The main point is that borrowers must calibrate their thinking. Debtors are not dealing with anyone who wants to collect payments. They are dealing with someone who wants a foreclosure so they can steal the proceeds. The forced sale of the house generates revenue that is distributed to several players involved in the foreclosure effort and several players involved in the REO sale and eviction.
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Collection Letters Can Renew Statute of Limitations
livinglies.me | January 2, 2020
The courts had previously protected borrowers as much as possible. Now there is a distinct trend in which even claims barred by SOL can be renewed and energized. For homeowners facing foreclosure they may be waiving a very powerful defense: statute of limitations.
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