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January 2011 Article Archive

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U.S. Bank National Association v. Ibanez
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U.S. Bank National Association v. Ibanez

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Probe not blaming U.S. lending law for financial crisis
SeekingAlpha.com | Jan 29, 2011
The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission cast a wide net of blame for the financial meltdown but moved to exonerate at least one target: a federal law requiring banks to lend and invest in the communities they serve.
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Government report blames regulators and financial institutions for economic crisis
Washington Post | Jan 27, 2011
The official U.S. government report on what caused the financial crisis casts blame on Goldman Sachs for fueling the subprime mortgage bubble, Merrill Lynch for not telling investors about the true state of its financial condition and the Federal Reserve for failing to stop dangerous lending practices.
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Lawsuit claims fraud by Bank of America mortgage unit
Dayton Business Journal | Jan 26, 2011
A new allegation claims Bank of America's Countrywide mortgage operation committed "massive fraud" in a lawsuit by big investors who say they were misled about the quality of mortgage-backed securities.
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More People Suing Banks over Foreclosure
SFGate | Jan 24, 2011
Struggling Bay Area homeowners are joining an emerging national trend by suing banks for breaking contracts when the lenders refuse to make temporary loan modifications permanent - even though owners have done their part.
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Faulty Foreclosure May Mean Massachusetts Buyer Isn’t Owner
Bloomberg | Jan 21, 2011
Massachusetts’ highest court will consider whether a home buyer can rightfully own a property if the bank that sold it to him didn’t have the right to foreclose on the original owner.
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Latest Push for Mortgage Reform Applauded
Builder | Jan 20, 2011
The prolonged mortgage crisis that has confronted the U.S. housing industry since 2008 has regulators poised to crack down on loan servicers with a proposed list of new requirements.
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Court Gives Banks 'Beat-Down' Over Foreclosures
CNN Money | Jan 11, 2011
Our Securitization Experts cited in landmark case involving victory for homeowners invalidating foreclosure.
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