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June 10, 2014

Working on overload and exasperation of Bret J. Maloney’s NO SHOW. Getting everything prepared for attorneys to have everything to them by June 13th to hopefully have a new case filed in Federal District court the day before our bankruptcy hearing on June 27th. We are moving on with or without Bret J. Maloney’s deposition. WE STILL PLAN TO GET HIM. The good news is that our JUDGE is going to blow a gasket! So game on LNV!!!

See the document I just stumbled on. It points out what is working and not working in the courts. It is coming down to state laws. Use the documents that Dee has already sent you on what to look for on your documents then apply the items that are referenced in the attached document to help you identify all of your parties involved in your cases. This shows how important it is to establish your facts directly from the land records, payment histories and correspondence etc. with LNV/MGC and previous lenders and the transferring of your loan and servicing that you have had and how each item you have applies to your state laws. You must show the trail of fraud and pattern in your case according to your state statutes along with Fair debt collection practices etc.

In addition we need to continue to compare all of our documents to show the overall fraud pattern of practice that LNV has committed upon us as a group. I think as agroup we will be able to create an entire papertrail back to LPS & Lorraine Brown. I am compiling all of the assignments from our group along with additional ones we have found around the country etc. for the handwriting forensics. I will be including the ones Tuli and I did in 2011 as well.

If you haven’t already sent them LAST CALL...make sure you get me your
Assignments (and any letters transferring your servicing back and forth to other entities i.e. GMAC to MGC to GMAC back to MGC and, in my case, now to BEAL/CLMG) Allonges and Cancelled checks (copies of front and back), Money Orders, Bank Online Payments, Payoff Statements to include in the spreadsheets we are creating to create the fraud pattern of practice in all of our cases. So we can see on one sheet of paper what happened to each of us and when. Who received our payments when (Dovenmuehle, Graystone, BofA, First National Bank, MGC, CLMG, Beal... etc) Everyone who participates will get a copy of the Spreadsheet to use for their cases and we will attach all of the assignments & documents in a pdf file. This will also show when are items were notarized/executed, when they were recorded, who signed them so we can see a timeline of how each of us relates to one another. I will have to find out from our handwriting forensics what they charge for additional notarized copies of her report of the forensic findings. I can at least provide photocopies but not sure how much it would cost to go back later to get a notarized report individually so I will check into it. I also have to order certified copies of all of the land records.

If you are looking for an attorney you should look to the Max Gardner Bootcamp website for attorneys who KNOW all of the BIG picture SHENANIGANS and realities we are all up against. On the Max Gardner Bootcamp website the attorneys are broken down by states. Look under the graduate tabs. My attorney Paul is on this list in Illinois. BUT I caution everyone to simplify your facts down to a couple of sheets of paper based on your actual land records and documents so that an attorney will be EXCITED to take you on as a client. You can’t bog the attorneys down with all the minutia. Just the facts. And then they will be able to apply them to your state statutes. AND THEN WE CAN BACK IT UP WITH OUR GROUPS PATTERN OF FRAUD committed by LNV!

Stay Proactive. We will prevail.


Nancy Duffy McCarron, CBN 164780
Attorney, Real Estate Broker, BBB Arbitrator, CA Notary Public
Certified Forensic Loan Auditor, Property Manager

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