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December 2018 Article Archive

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Older Forensic Title Analyses Need Updating — Even Ours
livinglies.wordpress.com | December 21, 2018
A recent request from an old client brought to mind the changes that have occurred, as in her case, since 2011 — more than 7 years ago.
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Using TILA Rescission as Jurisdictional Issue
livinglies.wordpress.com | December 19, 2018
I think TILA Rescission should be approached as a jurisdictional issue since it focuses on the procedural aspects of the TILA Rescission statute. In other words it should always be front and center.
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Ignorance of the Courts and Bliss for Banks
livinglies.wordpress.com | December 17, 2018
A recent Ohio Court decision makes it clear how courts are clueless and biased. They still asume, despite so much evidence to the contrary that the “Chain” asserted by the banks exists.
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Illinois Supreme Court: Mortgage Foreclosure Based Upon Payment Default is Same as Action on Note
livinglies.wordpress.com | December 12, 2018
There are several points in this decision worthy of reading and digesting. The principal point interesting to me is that the court correctly decided that an action on a mortgage for nonpayment is the same thing as an action on the note for nonpayment. They are both alleging defaults on the same instrument — the promissory note.
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How to Apply Federal TILA Rescission Rights
livinglies.wordpress.com | December 11, 2018
Bottom Line: TILA Rescission is looming as a major risk factor to banks and investors who were not informed about the risk of TILA Rescission. The oddity is that the investors were not purchasing the loans and in fact agreed to replace the income stream from borrowers with an income stream from a fake trust.
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Another Glitch from Wells Fargo Admitted by WFB (oops 570 homes foreclosed.)
livinglies.wordpress.com | December 5, 2018
Wells is trying to buy its way out if this one with offers of $25,000 to people who lost homes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is the tip of the iceberg of liability for WFB, Citi, BofA, Chase and others who have very soft and porous balance sheets where liabilities are reported. Sure they have unreported trillions offshore, but the current reporting doesn’t come close to the actual liabilities of these predatory entities.
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