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Newschannel 9 Investigates Robosigning

El Paso Homeowner Made Payments, but May Still Lose Home

ktsm.comMay 18, 2012

EL PASO – According to the FBI, Texas is among the top ten states victimized by mortgage fraud. Mortgage fraud can be committed by a borrower or lender. But, if you're a homeowner, and you're about to unjustly lose your property, what do you do?

That's what one El Paso woman is trying to figure out. She paid her mortgage, but is still facing foreclosure. She told Newschannel 9 she's not going down without a fight.

We introduced you to Bea Huml back in February. She was then, and remains, in a desperate situation.

"They could send a Justice of the Peace [here] and they could throw my stuff out on the front lawn,” said Huml.

Huml fears that she may lose her house at any moment; if that happens, both she, and her 96-year-old mother will be homeless.

“You cannot live a normal life because if you go to a store...and I live with mom,
who's 96-years-old, am I going to come home and she's going to be out on the street? What's going to happen?” said Huml.

Huml has been fighting to keep her home since last year. She said she paid her mortgage on time every month. So, she assumed the late notices from Citibank were a mistake. But then, the bank started returning her checks; and when she contacted her lender to fix the problem, Huml said she was told what no homeowner wants to hear.

“[They said] we're going to foreclose your home. [I said], 'but, I made my payments'” said Huml.

When Huml took a closer look at the foreclosure documents, she noticed that the name "Beverly Mitrisin" appears as a substitute trustee several times. However, the same name is signed several times, with different signatures.

Huml is represented by Richard Roman. Roman says his client is a victim of robosigning. Some of the country's biggest banks have been accused of using this illegal process--- not validating signatures, to expedite foreclosures.

Roman took Huml's case and several other suspected robosigning cases to county court last month. He said he gave the court a presentation, showing how his clients are victims of robosigning.

“These documents are very, very clear evidence that they are not being done correctly and peoples' rights are being trampled on by the large banks,” said Roman.

Roman said when he gave his presentation, the defense lawyers didn't show up to court that day. But, the county judge did something that few judges in the country have done--- ordering the banks to bring their robosigners to court. She also put the homeowners' evictions on hold.

"It's the just decision, and it's a very courageous decision because it's a step forward for the citizens in El Paso County,” said Roman.

“My clients are the ones...they don't know if they're going to have a home to go to tonight, or if there's going to be a padlock on their door, or their locks are going to be changed,” added Roman.

It's that uncertainty, that Huml has been forced to live with for the past year. She said she's encouraged by the judge's decision, because the banks have to prove they filed the proper documents. But Huml is wondering what our leaders are doing to help homeowners like her, who are on the brink of foreclosure, through no fault of their own.

"When I first called, no one wanted to talk to me about it. The sheriff's [office] didn't want to bother with it. The FBI didn't want to be bothered with it...the county attorney didn't want to talk to me,” said Huml.

Newschannel 9 reached out to El Paso County for an interview about robosigning, and how it's affecting El Pasoans. We were denied; we were told the county has no jurisdiction over the issue.

While Huml has gotten few answers from elected leaders, she has a message for El Paso homeowners; she says what's happening to her, can happen to anyone.

"It's going to happen to them. I was making my payments. I never missed a payment and it happened to me,” said Huml.

“There is a remedy. They cannot do this to you. They are big corporations, but they do not have the right. We are taxpayers,” stated Huml.

Huml said at this point, she has nothing to lose, and will fight to keep her home.

"I'm angry, and I'm going out kicking. They're not going to come in here...and if I have to go to Austin and talk to the politicians that took my vote, then I will do that,” said Huml.

Bea Huml's foreclosure case is now pending in federal court. Newschannel 9 has reached out to the defense lawyers in the case. We haven't gotten a response.

If you're in danger of losing your home, there is help. You can contact Project Bravo at (855) 300-6539. Project Bravo offers mortgage counseling, and their services are free.

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