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April 2019 Article Archive

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How to read responses from the alleged "Servicer"
livinglies.wordpress.com | April 25, 2019
The human mind fills in voids wherever they occur. The mind fills it in with data that normally occurs between one data point and another. So when we read a response from "the servicer" our minds automatically fill in the gaps resulting in our perception that a valid document or response is what we are holding when in fact it is a tasteless equivalent of swiss cheese.
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9th Circuit Inches Toward Decision of “America’s Wholesale Lender”
livinglies.wordpress.com | April 19, 2019
The issue is jurisdiction. Lawyers filed papers for AWL but AWL was dissolved as a corporation. The lawyers countered with the allegation, on appeal, that AWL was a fictitious name for Countrywide without specifying the location of CW. Hence no diversity of jurisdiction could be supported by the allegations in the notice for removal.
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Maxine Waters and Elizabeth Warren Propose Plans to Stop “Crime Spree” of Banks
postnewsgroup.com | April 19, 2019
Last week, as Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., convened a House Financial Services Committee hearing, featuring the CEOs of Wall Street’s biggest banks, the financial watchdog group Better Markets released a stunning report on the banks’ criminal records: Wall Street’s Six Biggest Bailed-Out Banks: Their RAP Sheets and Their Ongoing Crime Spree.
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C&E Strategy is the beginning of a successful attack on the claimed enforcement of a mortgage or deed of trust.
livinglies.wordpress.com | April 18, 2019
Attacks on technical deficiencies of assignments of mortgage is a great place to start, but it is not the finish line. This is a follow up with the radio show we did last week on cancellation of assignments of mortgage, and upon successful cancellation of the assignment(s), the further cancellation of the notice of substitution of trustee, the notice of default, the notice of sale, and/or the lis pendens and foreclosure lawsuit.
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Fannie Mae Explains Securitization and Distribution of Ownership of Debt
livinglies.wordpress.com | April 16, 2019
As a quasi government agency Fannie Mae is forced to be forthcoming about its role in lending. But the wording of disclosures mostly come from Wall Street investment banks.
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Cal. 3d DCA: WRONGFUL FORECLOSURE — You Can Cancel the Assignment, Notice of Default, Notice of Sale and Reverse the Sale.
livinglies.wordpress.com | April 11, 2019
This decision "Not for publication" takes one more step toward unravelling the false claims of securitization that resulted in millions of fake foreclosures over at least 15 years. The pure nonsense being peddled by Wall Street investment banks still remains as the underlying basis for assumptions and presumptions that are contrary to fact and contrary to legal and equitable principles.
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Florida Bankers Association Admission to Florida Supreme Court: “Original Notes Were Eliminated”
livinglies.wordpress.com | April 10, 2019
Courtesy of Bill Paatalo, I have located the stark 2009 admission by the Florida Bankers Association that original notes were destroyed contemporaneously with the loan closing.
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Stop Feeling Guilty — Be A Warrior
livinglies.wordpress.com | April 9, 2019
Shame is the reason why most borrowers don't contest foreclosures. That shame turns to intense anger when they realize that they were used, screwed, abused and now they are targets in a continuing blitz to embezzle much needed money from their lives and from the financial system generally.
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Transcript from Neil Garfield Show on Discovery
livinglies.wordpress.com | April 8, 2019
Hi Neil Garfield here and this is Thursday April 4th, 2019. Get rid of the shame, get rid of the doubt, and get rid of the feelings of inferiority. Homeowners who signed papers were in fact unknowingly issuing unregulated securities for the sole benefit of investment banks. No sharing with homeowners. Almost no sharing with investors.
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UCC: The Internet is no substitute for law school
livinglies.wordpress.com | April 3, 2019
The way that borrowers lose cases is by picking out one thing from a case or statute and treating it as a magic bullet. If the law were that simple a computer would be deciding all cases. The distinctions between possessors of a note, rights to enforce, status as a holder, owning the debt and the status as holder in due course are extremely detailed and they are fairly rigid. That is because the UCC was designed to effectuate the free flow of commerce and protection of both parties under a set of rules that must be rigid to accomplish the goals of free commerce and protection.
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